Supporting Your Child’s Maths

​The best way to support your child’s maths learning is by supporting your child(ren) to notice that maths is all around us and it is a big part of our world. Another simple way of supporting your child is by sharing the everyday maths that you complete. By allowing for this discussion to take place your child(ren) will see that maths has great value.

Click here for a link to NZ Maths website.
​The different strategies we use:
​We appreciate the strategies we teach at school are very different from the strategies that you might use yourself.
The Maths NZ website provides a wealth of information for how you can help. It is the resource our teachers use when teaching maths.

This link will take you to the Teacher Tools website which provides a collection of videos that will explain the strategies that we use in school to support your child(ren)’s learning.