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Special News

This page is intended for special news updates in emergency situations. Eg COVID, lockdowns or a natural disaster.

COVID restriction lifting.

Parents on site.

From Monday 28th March parents will be able to come onto the school grounds again. This includes drop off and pick up, assemblies or popping in to see teachers or the office. When you do come in you will need to continue to wear a mask if you go into classrooms or the office.

Pick up and drop off. After positive feedback from our families, we will continue to send children to the playground area at the end of the day with a teacher on gate duty. We encourage you to come inside the gate to collect your children.

You will no longer be required to use the QR codes to enter the grounds or classrooms. But, if you are “visiting” school inside school hours please come and sign the visitor register that we have always had. This helps us know who is on-site if we have a fire alarm or emergency.

From 11.59 pm Monday 4 April, there will be no more vaccine mandates that restrict parents from participating in school events. This is great news for our, PTA, Playgroup and camps this year. Please get in touch with your teacher if this affected your ability to be a parent help. On that note, it is likely that Room 1 and 2 camp will go ahead late in term 4. We will update you with an exact date shortly.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to come in next week and talk face to face.

Welcome back everyone!!

Yaron Overeem


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