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We welcome new students and their families to come and visit our amazing school. Give us a call, email or drop in and we will be more than happy to show you around and meet with our principal and teachers.
PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not a Zoned school. This means anyone can enrol. 

Kokopu School is a full primary school catering for students in years 1 - 8. (Including intermediate)
We have no zone attached to the school and we have students that come to us from all around our local area and further afield. 
Whether it is your 4-year-old or you are a new family to our area, enrolling as soon as possible helps us plan our staffing and roll for the year. 

We have full enrolment packs available at the school office or you can use the below online form.
Please get in contact with us regardless. 

Enrolment form instructions

  1. Click on the “enrolment button” below.

  2. Complete form including all mandatory fields

  3. Select “Go to Part 2” which will automatically save the form

  4. When the online enrolment form is complete, please bring in your child's birth certificate and immunisation status so we can retain a copy.

Additional Documents to sign.

You can print these at home or get copies from the school office.

Additional information

You can print these at home or get copies from the school office.


It is advisable that your child has at least two pre-entry class visits to familiarise them with their new learning environment, teacher and classmates.  Please make contact with the classroom teacher to organise your visits.

On the first visit, you are encouraged to remain with your child in the classroom in order to observe how the class functions. This will enable you to better support your child with their transition to school. During your next visit, you are welcome to pop in and out of the classroom. The staff room is available for you to have a cup of coffee.

It is preferable to include at least one morning tea in these visits to introduce your child to the associated routines and play environment.


In order to cope with the challenges of school life, it is important that your child develops independence in managing themselves and their belongings. You can help with this by ensuring they know how to:

  • Use the toilet (and urinal for boys) and wash their hands

  • Blow their nose

  • Dress themselves

  • Put school shoes on and off (please avoid shoes with laces unless they are self-tying ones)

  • Manage lunch without help

  • Recognise and manage their own belongings

  • Pack and carry their own schoolbag

  • Follow simple instructions

  • Sit and listen for short periods of time (approximately 10 minutes

With regard to literacy and numeracy, if your child can hold a pencil correctly, recognise their own name and write it, recognise the names and sounds of some of the letters of the alphabet, count and recognise some numbers, this is a bonus and will be further developed at school.

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