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Our Vision and Values

Kōkopu School’s Vision

Growing Together, Learning Forever

The vision statements reflect a commitment to lifelong learning, collaboration, and community building, where everyone has a role to play in supporting each other's growth and development.

We have tried to incorporate the idea of a growing Kōkopu Fish, where the fish grows and develops through different stages of its life cycle, just as the students grow and develop over time. The growth and development of the fish are supported by its environment, highlighting the importance of a supportive and collaborative school.

Furthermore, the relationship between older and younger students is reflected in the vision statements. By embracing tuakana teina relationships, the school community promotes a culture of learning together, where students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and mentor their peers, and where everyone can learn from each other in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Kōkopu School Values

In consultation with our students, parents/Whanau, staff and community, we have agreed what values are deeply important to us. These values are modeled by our staff and Board and encouraged in our whole school community, with a desire to nurture each individual child’s self-confidence and sense of ‘self’. We believe these to be fundamental characteristics of well-rounded and successful citizens. It is our aim that when pupils leave Kokopu School at the end of Year 8 they will exemplify these qualities:

–    Respect for Ourselves – Te whakahonore mo tatou ake

–    Respect for Others – Te whakaaetanga mo etahi atu

–    Respect for Our Environment – Te whakaute mo to taiao

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